JULY GADGET UNBOXING – The Weirdest One in a While…

JULY GADGET UNBOXING - The Weirdest One in a While... Science & Technology

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All the kit we use to film Stu’s Reviews, from cameras to drones. Also, a selection of my current favourite tech and recommendations (Including my favourite whisky)!

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JULY GADGET UNBOXING - The Weirdest One in a While...
JULY GADGET UNBOXING – The Weirdest One in a While… – Video published on YouTube by Stu’s Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLTMrLNuEUk

20 thoughts on “JULY GADGET UNBOXING – The Weirdest One in a While…

  1. Every Kenyan says:

    Hope the streams are going good Stu, can’t wait to watch the vid now :p

  2. Suaird says:

    Stu…soooo happy you just uploaded this….you help me empty my wallet each month with these vids but they are honest reviews

  3. Anders Green says:

    That was so entertaining to see you play with that massager 😛 😀 XD

  4. Wiggle Wiggle says:

    I felt naughty and more than a little dirty watching you with that massager. You should do a full review, with baby oil. We shall never speak of this again.

  5. Stavros__ says:

    A moment of silence for those who thought the background was a green screen ? 2:45

  6. LittleJohn_MD says:

    Well that lot was certainly random indeed ? Do like the look of that massage machine

  7. Berend Noë says:

    11:48 “reminds me of communist architecture, a lot of straight lines’

    love it

  8. DerpyDoom says:

    Hey Stu, I recently joined Your channel (subscribing) and I must say your style of review is always pleasing to watch. No heavy random screaming or any weird things.

    Also your background is really relaxing. Keep them Up 😀

  9. articpigs says:

    found you because of the secretlab review, bought the omega and it came with a crack in the armrest foam, customer service just wanted a few pics from specific angles and then sent me a replacement, it got here in a few days

  10. Ray Smith says:

    Weird gadget haul for weird times, the flamethrower could be useful for cooking

  11. TheBatNaz says:

    Stu having far too much fun with that massager…. video instantly demonetised

  12. Aintcare says:

    Love your videos but this one has a squeaky sound track under it that sounds of the elderly wheezing for air. ?

  13. Cekala Studios says:

    Was sweating a bit when you were messing with the butane “flamethrower” attachment near all those books. Really great video all around though! …I might have to get that massager..

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