iFFalcon k71 Smart TV VS Hisense 4k TV 55, 43 inch: Which Smart TV you should buy?

iFFalcon k71 Smart TV VS Hisense 4k TV 55, 43 inch: Which Smart TV you should buy? Science & Technology

Dear Friends, Agr apko tv lena hai aur hisense ka 55, 43 and iffalcon k71 43, 55 inch mein confused hai, To apka confusion ab katam.

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iFFalcon k71 Smart TV VS Hisense 4k TV 55, 43 inch: Which Smart TV you should buy? – Video published on YouTube by Seven Sense Tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjF_JZEvyKc

20 thoughts on “iFFalcon k71 Smart TV VS Hisense 4k TV 55, 43 inch: Which Smart TV you should buy?

  1. chetan yadav says:

    सर मुझे lg. का टीव्ही um 7290 55 inch का लेन है

    52000 रुपये मे आ राहा है

  2. Akbar Rashid says:

    Kya Iffalcon k71 43inch wala me dual band wifi support karta hai??

  3. Parmar Deep says:

    Side by side comparison kar
    Varna mat kar
    Specifications padhna hame ata he

  4. radhakrishna g says:

    Are you sure that iffalcon K71 has dolby vision? bcz i could’t find that info neither on IFFALCON website or on Flipkart

  5. radhakrishna g says:

    one more thing is about RAM, it is clearly show as 2GB in thier promo poster same can be seen in flipkart images

  6. jayant athavade says:

    Hisense 43 inch TV
    24 watt and not 30 watt please correct your mistake

  7. Rakesh Vishe says:

    7:00 price ka jo slide he usme alag bata rahe ho aur display pe alag dikh raha hai..

  8. Libin Louis says:

    Iffalcon website has made some update now! 😀 How can they be so stupid?? really! Since there were so many calls/emails/suports tickets/youtube chats/tweets they finally made the RAM as 2 GB on the website but nothing else got changed 😀 Internal memory is still blank :D. Pathetic sales-marketing-UI team they have!! We are still unsure if Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos is supported and HDR10+.

  9. anuradha sharma says:

    20*23 bed room main kitni size ka led lagana chahiye… Plz bataiyega….. Mera mann to 65 inch lene ka h… So 65 inch main budget TV bataye

  10. [ĐEEPAK么 ØØ7] says:

    Hello sir mujhe Janna Hai 40 inch Mein best LED TV Kaun Sa Hai full HD display picture quality

  11. liyakhat anwar says:

    This TVs. Stock me kab aye ge Bhai, everytime out of stock dhika Raha hy

  12. Akky Lovely says:

    You re provided the only truth to all of us we r agreed n always with you

  13. Kam Sam says:

    Eventually both are Chinese !
    So don’t get confused in buying , check your budget and perchase it , simple as that !

  14. ganeshbabu eesarla says:

    Bro please suggest me iffalcon k31 50 inch or Hisense 43 inch?

  15. Pavan Kumar M says:

    don’t by Ifflacon tv

    I have used with in a yaer 3 times tv got problem ,

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