Honor Watch GS Pro Smartwatch Detailed Hands-on Review – 5ATM RUGGED – Only £249 – Any Good?

Honor Watch GS Pro Smartwatch Detailed Hands-on Review - 5ATM RUGGED - Only £249 - Any Good? Science & Technology

This is my full review video of the newly unveiled Honor Watch GS Pro, this smart watch is jam packed with lots of features. In this video, I will be going through all the features, specifications, testing various sensors, heart rate, step counter, sleep monitoring, under water heart rate test and lots more. #HonorWatchGSPro #KirinA1 #Smartwatch #Honor

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Honor Watch GS Pro Smartwatch
✅ Official: https://bit.ly/3mgw0PS

Time Stamps:
00:00 Greeting
00:08 Introducing the Honor Watch GS Pro
00:25 Specifications
01:07 Battery Life
01:37 Build Quality
02:22 Wrist straps
02:36 Watch looks on my wrist
02:40 Physical Comparison to Galaxy Watch 3
03:16 Watch Buttons and charging
04:09 Operating System / Watch Features
04:49 Underwater Heart Rate Sensor Test
06:08 Going through Smartphone App (Huawei Health)
08:52 Changing Watch-face from Smartwatch
09:10 Watch-face Slide-show
09:52 Downloading New Watch-faces
11:11 Detailed look at smartwatch features and apps
11:34 Music on the smartwatch / Notifications
13:08 Testing out Bluetooth Phone Calls
13:49 Checking out all the APPS / Settings
15:12 OneHop Feature (NFC Custom Watch Face)
16:46 Heart Rate Test (Honor Watch GS Pro vs Galaxy Watch 3)
17:39 Screen-on Hand Raise Test (Honor Watch GS Pro vs Galaxy Watch 3)
18:17 Always-on Screen Test
19:28 Out Door Walk (Practical Fitness Test)
22:25 Conclusion

* 1.39” AMOLED Display
* Resolution 454 x 454 (326ppi)
* Kirin A1 Chipset
* Bluetooth 5.0
* All-Day Heart Rate Monitor
* Pedometer / Sleep Monitor
* Built in GPS+GLONASS
* SpO2 / Stress / Barometer
* Music Control / Compass
* Over 100 Workout Modes
* Supports Bluetooth Calls
* Up-to 25 Day Battery Life
* Removal Straps
* 13.6mm / 75g
* 5ATM + Swim Tracking
* MIL-STD 810g

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Honor Watch GS Pro Smartwatch Detailed Hands-on Review – 5ATM RUGGED – Only £249 – Any Good? – Video published on YouTube by Chigz Tech Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbHrlA5G1bo

20 thoughts on “Honor Watch GS Pro Smartwatch Detailed Hands-on Review – 5ATM RUGGED – Only £249 – Any Good?

  1. kyo_9 says:

    This review deserves an award!
    I wanna wait for the soon-to-launch Huawei GT2 pro and compare between both before I make a decision

  2. MuvoTX says:

    Nice review Chigs… Curious, can the straps be changed for standard 22mm straps? thanks

  3. Jindřich Antušek says:

    Nice review but what about incoming notifications when you start an excercise? Magic watch 2 or huawei are not able to to show any notifications (incoming call only). That is quite a big bug.

  4. Gyula Rohr says:

    The Honor Watch GS Pro Smartwatch can work well with SAMSUNG tel.? Some Huawei Smartwaches CAN’T work with any SAMSUNG. (I don’t know whether the problem is in android, huawei or samsung Side, but there is a lot of issue in internet forums.)

  5. David Neves says:

    Hello, why did Huawei decrease the storage capacity from 4Gb to 2GB?

  6. Keith says:

    I can’t find anywhere what kind of glass is being used for the display. Because of that, I’m assuming it’s not sapphire, but if it is, that would be fantastic.

  7. Shadownoob Noobslayer says:

    dose it have sim card slot / can it be used with out of phone ?

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