Honor MagicBook 15, Oppo Watch The Gadgets 360 Show

Honor MagicBook 15, Oppo Watch The Gadgets 360 Show News & Politics

On this episode, we explore the magic behind Honor’s new MagicBook 15. With a pop-up webcam and an AMD Ryzen chipset we test it out to see if it really makes for a great entry-level laptop. We also take a look at all the slick tech from the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event! And take a look at the new Oppo Watch that looks very similar to the Apple Watch but can do so much – including take calls, reply to messages, and a lot more! We wrap up the show with a full review of the Roidmi F8 Storm FX vacuum cleaner that is not a robot but can do some serious cleaning!

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Honor MagicBook 15, Oppo Watch The Gadgets 360 Show – Video published on YouTube by NDTV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVLIdQKu6E0

20 thoughts on “Honor MagicBook 15, Oppo Watch The Gadgets 360 Show

  1. LEARN ENGLISH WITH SIRAJ تعلم الانجليزية مع سراج says:

    This is another great content

  2. Shambhu Pandit says:

    Bank account no amount no key shambhu pandit to for bjp p.m media soment ma shambhu pandit to for follow for to ko ?


    This honor book is also Chinese. Don’t buy it.
    At least don’t buy Chinese products if you have some respect for our own brothers which sacrifice their life on the name of motherland. ??

  4. cricket highlights says:

    Ku6 gandu bhakt aakar kahenge ki yeh Chinese products ki advertising kar rah hai…?????. Lekin content samajh se to bahar hi raheha

  5. Ramvilash Dayanidhi says:

    Good very good, Bhrstachar mukt bharat banana h, jay hind jay bharat.

  6. Shivom Gupta says:

    Rajiv Sir,
    Why to review the products of Chinese Companies….???

  7. Sonam Rani says:

    मै एक कुवारी लडकी हूँ| है कोई मर्द
    जो मुझे पानी पानी कर सके
    फोटो टच करे बात करने के लिए

  8. denny age says:

    Every Indian-: boycott Chinese product
    Ndtv-: le le …huawei product is safer than apple …???

    Inki maa Ka bhosda…sab humko milkar chutiya Bana rahe h

  9. lafaafa says:

    This is not a new ryzen 5 … How can you say that.. its an old processor.. though processor is good

  10. Faiz Khan says:

    Really u guys hav to change the camera from which u shoot
    Small scale utuber hav better than your relic
    A genuine advice from one of your fan

  11. Ashish Jain says:

    Does oppo watch runs with IOS? Also, will we be having a stainless steel version with e-sim functionality in India?

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