GC Podcast – Oct 24 – Smart Home Gadget Smorgasbord

GC Podcast - Oct 24 - Smart Home Gadget Smorgasbord Science & Technology

https://getconnectedmedia.com – On this week’s GetConnected Video Podcast, we’ve got Roku and Google’s latest streaming products, and we’re tackling some great tech for your home with our friend Marc Saltzman.

Google TV launched recently with a feature that many Chromecast users have been hoping for; a remote control. While that’s old hat for companies like Amazon and Roku, Google TV is more than just a remote control. The brand new interface integrates your streaming services in one, much like how Amazon does it with its FireTV products. By giving you singular access to everything in one place, you no longer have to switch apps like you used to with the original Chromecast.

Roku has taken to making its streaming devices more valuable. With so much competition in the streaming stick market, they have decided to integrate a more upscale audio experience into their device. The new Roku Streambar has both a streaming stick and a very competent 60-watt Dolby Audio soundbar built together as one. Such a device’s benefit is that you don’t have to plug in a stick and plug in a soundbar to get a reasonable experience. The device is all in one, and we’re actually quite surprised at how good it is. It’s also our prize for this month so make sure you enter to win by signing up for your newsletter!

And finally, we’ve got a visit from our good friend, Marc Saltzman. It’s a true smorgasbord of smart home goodness as we explore some of the latest gadgets you should be looking at for your home.

All this and more tech to talk about is in the October 24, 2020 episode of the GetConnected Video Podcast. Our hosts this week are Mike Agerbo and John Biehler.



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GC Podcast – Oct 24 – Smart Home Gadget Smorgasbord – Video published on YouTube by GetConnected Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBYILz_GK7A