Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Review Body Composition, Wifi, Multi-User

Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Review Body Composition, Wifi, Multi-User Sports

In-Depth Review of the Garmin Index S2 – a wifi-connected, smart, body composition scale providing body fat percentage, muscle mass, weight trends, and more!

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Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Review Body Composition, Wifi, Multi-User – Video published on YouTube by DesFit:

20 thoughts on “Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Review Body Composition, Wifi, Multi-User

  1. Michael do Carmo says:

    Wow! I’ve been looking forward to this for years. How disappointing. Check the lag and vertical tearing on that display! At this price point, they really shouldnt have put a CPU in from 1980.

  2. czerwonadupa says:

    Wearing 4 different smartwatches during review? What does it show if you put an old fashioned metal pound weight on it? A pound? Because two different scales never seem to show the same weight.

  3. wisc flank says:

    I am surprised that you need to enter the activity level, wouldn’t your garmin connect know that?

  4. Emir Gun says:

    How accurate is the body fat % numbers compare to Omron and Tanita’s hand holding products. Thanks

  5. A I says:

    When I travel I use scale to weight my luggage. Wouldn’t it confuse the hell out of the scale, or would it ask me to register a new user?
    Oh wait never mind it’s a lockdown time.

  6. magewright says:

    Can a guest use the index as a regular scale without a Garmin connect account?

  7. Wayne Doherty says:

    The reliance on activity level is the weakest point of this scale. Flicking between activity levels causes my Garmin scale to make a 10% jump in %body fat.

    It is very consistent though, so even if the body fat and muscle mass is off, you get a great relative reading.
    I just wish it uploaded to zwift automatically

  8. Mike Wilson says:

    I was hoping to find out if it’s possible to use this for household members who don’t want Garmin Connect. Can you just get on it and have it give you the stats without trying to store data,

  9. SOFA King says:

    $150 vs. $30 for the Wyze scale, which give basically the same metrics. Is it worth $120 more?

  10. Phil Haddon says:

    Does this work with Fitbit and Garmin apps? I need a scale that works with both. My wife uses Fitbit?.

  11. Frank Bruce says:

    Thank you nice review of the scale; interesting that it connects to the WiFi of the house to collect weather alerts.

  12. Clifton Smith says:

    Great review. I have owned the S1 since launch. I supposed it is hard to find many things new they can do with a set of scales. But they have done well to eek out a few new features. Not enough for me to upgrade I don’t think, new design is good though ?

  13. DeXe says:

    I have the original, but not quite happy with it. My fat% is around 9, however the scale always says I’m 6. I’ve emailed garmin and after looking at my data, they said I’m outside their algorithm, with no intention to fix it sadly. I’ve been on other scales which do give me a decent measurement, which actually allows me to track the trend. Just wanted to share my experience..

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