Galaxy S21 Ultra – Best Accessories You Can Buy

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Best Accessories You Can Buy Science & Technology

In this video we’re taking a look at some of the best accessories for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and I’ll show you how to turn your Galaxy S21 Ultra into a laptop using the power of Samsung Dex! For more Galaxy S21 Ultra videos make sure to subscribe. Galaxy S21 Ultra review coming soon as well as more Galaxy S21 Ultra camera tests and comparisons. Let me know what your favorite Galaxy S21 accessories are in the comments below.

Nexx Dock –
Lexar 1066x MicroSD Card –
S Pen Case –
Galaxy Bud Pro –
Galaxy Bud Live –
Galaxy Watch 3 –
Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium –
Galaxy Active 2 –
Moment Lens Adapter –
Moment Lenses –
Moment Rugged Case –
DJI OM 4 –
Zhiyun Smooth X –
Hohem Gimbal –
Razer Kishi Controller –
Power A Moga Adapter –

►► TIMECODE ◀︎◀︎
00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Laptop
05:33 – S Pen Case and Alternative
07:34 – Best Ear Buds
09:52 – Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker
11:25 – Universal Lens Adapter
11:52 – Moment Gold Anamorphic Lens + More
13:15 – Moment Rugged Case
13:38 – Gimbals
15:50 – Gaming Accessories

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20 thoughts on “Galaxy S21 Ultra – Best Accessories You Can Buy


    Irony is that S21 series has nothing to do with this video’s Sponsar. Feel sorry for Lexar ???

  2. Mdogbrown says:

    Have any good wireless charging station recommendations to charge s21 ultra, watch and buds pro?

  3. Benny McKeon says:

    “These are by no means the best you can buy”….

    *Puts “the best you can buy” in title ?

  4. Suleiman Aliev says:

    Moment lenses doesn’t work without subscription and of course you have to pay. Result is softer than phone lens

  5. vinyl monster says:

    OMFG guy thinks he’s some homeboy from the hood emminem wanna be

  6. Mrs K Walker says:

    right now if you purchase the galaxy s21 ultra you get a $100 instant credit to be used on accessories so i was able to get the case with the s-pen for free. awsome deal. thanks for the video. i love getting new tech for my new phones.

  7. 100percentmobile says:

    Imagine something like that Nexx Dock but where u could slide the phone in to connect it…

  8. Alex Muller says:

    Im interested in the DJI OM4, but see conflicting information online about compatibility with Samsung s21 Ultra. Apparently there are a few mode problems with android and some of the s21 camera options as well as the weight off the s21 ultra. Can you confirm that the DJI OM4 is 100% compatible before purchasing. Thanks

  9. Jack Francis says:

    16:30 “Fits perfectly”, “The camera bump does not interfere with anything AT ALL” then proceeds to readjust it because it’s popped out at the camera bump. This part of the video is really misleading because the S21 Ultra does not fit correctly because of the camera bump. also visible here.

  10. C. O. says:

    the case is $$$$ because it is marketed at the people who spend bookoo $$$$$ on a new phone.

  11. Paolo Gonzalez says:

    Sad that Sammy ditched the micro SD card for the S21 Ultra. But overall, the phone is win for me, that’s why i got one. Awesome vid buddy!

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