Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?

Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice? Science & Technology

Samsung Galaxy S21 is a serious series of smart selections.
Galaxy S21 Ultra Review:

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Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice? – Video published on YouTube by Marques Brownlee:

20 thoughts on “Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?

  1. Niels Dam says:

    “You wouldn’t notice the back is plastic” wait for a couple of weeks of use, scratches like hell ?

  2. vishal rathod says:

    That Intro looks like a product release Intro, not a product review intro.

  3. MPLA says:

    Funny, you kept on mentioning price but I don’t think you mentioned how much it was. You said they dropped the price and all sorts of other stuff though

  4. iVlog Everything says:

    -its look cheap…. Look like a mid ranger phone with that single flash outside the camera bump

  5. John Smith says:

    Note 3 at launch, s7 at launch, s10e at launch. S7 was the sweet spot on size for me

  6. LateNite says:

    With out the headphone jack and expandable memory it’s just an expensive OnePlus phone. My s10 Plus is my last Galaxy flagship phone.

  7. Samuël Viets says:

    I want to step back from Apple to Samsung or OnePlus. I have right now an iPhone X, is this a good option to buy, or should I wait on the OnePlus 9?

  8. James Simpson says:

    Can the s21 cast to tv without using Chromecast or a router, i.e. just using WiFi data? I don’t have a router, just use my unlimited data on T-Mobile. I’m cheap, just use my data for internet.

  9. Игорь Саградьян says:

    Better low light photos compared to ultra due do less pixels in camera?

  10. Nathan de Nobrega says:

    Looking at the comments I know I was not the only one who watched that intro more than once! MKBHD – The YouTube Tech G.O.A.T

  11. Collins Lagat says:

    Marques: still the fastest chip in a phone
    iPhone 12: *laughs in A14

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