Eve Cam: Protect Your Home AND Your PRIVACY Best Smart Home Camera?

Eve Cam: Protect Your Home AND Your PRIVACY Best Smart Home Camera? Science & Technology

The Eve Cam is now available and is one of the best HomeKit-enabled cameras on the market. It exclusively supports HomeKit Secure VIdeo to store all of your recordings within iCloud and requires no additional subscription to use.

Pick up the Eve Cam at Amazon ➡️ https://amzn.to/3eq6brz

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Eve Cam: Protect Your Home AND Your PRIVACY Best Smart Home Camera? – Video published on YouTube by AppleInsider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WHzoNK9dyA

16 thoughts on “Eve Cam: Protect Your Home AND Your PRIVACY Best Smart Home Camera?


    As always you nailed it?? I enjoy watching all of your videos

  2. thejose says:

    My Eve home kit energy smart plugs never failed once. So reliable. I hope this one is just as reliable as well.

  3. myHomeKithome says:

    Such a beautiful device, but what else would you expect from Eve? I am concerned about the price considering the competition. Great video, Andrew!!

  4. AWriterWandering says:

    The reason companies continue to avoid USB type C is simply to do with margins. Type C is more expensive to implement.

  5. stuart fiszzon says:

    Torn between the Circle View and the Eve – any recommendations Andrew?

  6. Japie Hoeven says:

    I am looking forward to a comparison between the Aqara G2H and the Eve Cam. This is a really good example of is your privacy worth more money (instead of a Chinese camera).

  7. Jonathan Itin says:

    Excellent video as always, Andrew. Camera looks great, however, it appears this camera is strictly for HSV like the Circle View. Apple really needs to increase the HSV Camera capacity. Basically, Eve (and Logitech), without their own recording subscription service, are capping their customers at a five camera max by going strictly HSV. I’d gladly pay Apple for an increase in HSV cameras based on my needs and well, five just doesn’t cut it.

  8. Chris Lisi says:

    Can the camera be adjusted? It looks like in the video it can only tilt up and down. I wanted to put it in the corner mounted on the wall facing diagonal across the room so need it to be able to swivel left and right as well as up and down.

  9. dem power says:

    I really prefer cameras with continuous recording. I’ve tried many that only record when triggered and have always been disappointed, they always miss something.

  10. Shard Phoenix says:

    Companies that ship items like this with all that electronic waste should get penalized. Who freaking needs a zillion power adapters. Just proof of laziness and easy over the environment. I heard micro USB and was not even interested anymore. PoE or don’t even bother but that is my po.

  11. P S says:

    Looks good. I use a Blink outside and have not considered inside yet. I just move the Blink inside for now.

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