Eufy Smart Lock Touch – Built like a TANK

Eufy Smart Lock Touch - Built like a TANK Science & Technology

Eufy Lock is the first BHMA Certifed Smart Lock that we’ve seen on this channel and this thing is built like a tank. (affiliate link) Full metal jacket everywhere! But being built like a tank is a great feature for being a security item but it’s is not everything, as this lock may not be designed or work with your Smart Home.

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? Eufy Indoor 2K Camera

? Eufy Indoor Pan & Tilt 2K Camera
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? Eufy Battery Doorbell Camera
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?Eufy Indoor 2K vs Wyze Cam v2


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Eufy Smart Lock Touch – Built like a TANK – Video published on YouTube by ModernDayTech:–uvZiQEYJk

19 thoughts on “Eufy Smart Lock Touch – Built like a TANK

  1. HomeTechReviews says:

    Great video! I wish the design was more minimalist and looked a bit nicer it’s a bit bulky! Also by the way everyone be sure to enter the Aqara Smart Starter Kit Giveaway on my Instagram @hometechreviews

  2. Johnny Goni says:

    In MY opinion products that come out with NO integration with the mayor brands like google, HK or Alexa are waste of money, integration is the ?.
    I don’t want hopefully nor soon nor we are thinking about it, it’s now or I pass…..

  3. Urban Explorer says:

    I love this and the ability to set the auto lock time is really good . But I agree it should tell you if it’s locked . Great review mate

  4. Charles-Hubert Devaux says:

    I was really looking forward to buying this lock, and I wanted to go next week.
    THANK YOU for the review. This lock will definitely not be the one on my door as long as it’s not HomeKit compatible.

  5. Alexis Garcia says:

    From the perspective of security, I don’t think you want too much of a ‘smart lock’ guarding your house. The more connectivity you give to something like this … the likeliness of failure is higher. I honestly only felt the only issue about the lock was about not recognizing between locked and unlocked; also the schedule missing to auto-lock. When I say ‘only’ I mean that’s a deal-breaker will wait a bit more, let’s see if they can resolve those issues.

  6. TheDailyPoopClogger says:

    Thanks for your honesty as always! Most reviewers are scared to say bad things and you lay it all out of the table. Much respect! I hope Eufy steps it up cause otherwise, this is not a smart lock.

  7. The Tango says:

    No one with any sense would want a lock to open with a voice command, then anyone could open the lock. I don’t understand why voice command is the only defining thing that you think makes a device “smart”.

  8. Alex Ryken says:

    Got ours a couple days ago, pretty amazing product, no cares if it works with alexa or google or not.. the phone, finger prints, and key pad are more than enough for our needs. We have everything Eufy already, brand loyalty all the way.

    Yoo Fee btw, not oofy

  9. Budget Home Automation says:

    That ending was about as surprising as The Sixth Sense…did not see that coming. Appreciate the honest review!

  10. ModernDayTech says:

    Yes, it’s pronounced You-Fee. Thank you for the feedback. Hope you find value in the honest review! (affiliate link)

  11. Trevor Horton says:

    I actually like the fact that it doesn’t connect to Wifi or any integrated services. When it comes to the front door, keep it simple. Simpler is Smarter in my opinion. I think it’s just deceptive marketing on Eufy’s part.

  12. ModernDayTech says:

    IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED – *GET $50 OFF* the Lock – (affiliate link) Promo code EUFYLOCK199

  13. Kenster says:

    I was waiting for it to go on sale. I think $199 is the sweet spot. I just ordered one after getting an email from Eufy for the $50 off. I think this one suits my needs. Don’t want to be tied to the internet with my door lock.

    I will setup a separate pin for friends and families if they need to get in then delete it after their visits. Plus, we have a doorbell cam, which will notify us of who is at my door.

    The fingerprint will be for my wife and me to use. We will each keep a key for backup.

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