Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review – Unboxing, Features, Installation, Setup, Settings & Testing

Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review - Unboxing, Features, Installation, Setup, Settings & Testing Entertainment

Today, we are going to check and test out the newest smart lock from Eufy. Eufy is expanding their Security and Smart Home product line and has now made a smart lock. We will do the unboxing, check out its features, do the installation and set it up. We will then test out its features and see if this new smart lock touch from Eufy will be a good option for your Home.

Thank You, Eufy for sending me this product to be reviewed.
You have to watch the video because there is one important feature that I need that Eufy didn’t deliver… yet…So, I will be revisiting this smart lock in the near future when Eufy adds this feature in.

Eufy Smart Lock Touch –
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249.99 to 199.99 (20%off

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Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review – Unboxing, Features, Installation, Setup, Settings & Testing – Video published on YouTube by LifeHackster:

20 thoughts on “Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review – Unboxing, Features, Installation, Setup, Settings & Testing

  1. LB's funny talking tom, reviews, etc. says:

    I do plan on getting some of the same security devices you have on Amazon in the future, like the ring smart lighting devices, an ezviz c1c, an ezviz dome camera, etc.

  2. Raiderville13 A says:

    Does it give Alert when Door is not shut all the way and lock is set?

  3. Taylor Guerin says:

    For that price, it should come with the wifi doorbell camera built into the lock housing and the lock should be wifi compatible. I really think the fingerprint reader will become problematic over time and is not needed. The fact that we need another set of keys for this lock is also a downer. We are impressed with their wired doorbell camera and it has performed beyond our expectations.

  4. D Prent says:

    Way overpriced to not have WiFi. Whether people want to use it or not, should have the choice. This model is pointless if they are releasing a WiFi version. Nobody wants a hub. I don’t buy devices that require hubs. Those can get out of control having too many. Creates an ugly mess around the house.

  5. 2mljqw90g3 says:

    As I understand it, it has a wifi chip within, and will soon be able to connect to the HomeBase 2 after a firmware update. This is not a new version of the lock or HomeBase.

  6. Zaid Najah says:

    eufycam 2 pro 2k released and found in bestbuy .. unboxing of it please

  7. echoztrip says:

    I can see people confusing the fingerprint sensor for a doorbell button!

  8. Asy4life-67 says:

    @LifeHackster What I do not like with this smart door lock is the charging port being on the outside part of the lock instead of the inside. I think they over look this. Maybe you can reach out to them and suggest they correct this. it seem to be a a bad oversight on their part.

  9. SportzSpaz says:

    Gotta have smart integration. Without it, this is not a smart lock!

  10. Thomas Grey says:

    It’s a good lock. I have a very early example of a ‘tech’ security lock.. The early days circa 2015, before all the ways of locking/unlocking were all integrated onto the unit.. and since then I’ve played with a few others.

    Honestly, I’ve found the most secure of the operational options when you include the “human factor”, is the fingerprint reader. You are stricter about who had access and the access requires they be present to open the door.

    codes are worrisome.. if you have questionable faith in family (lol), kids talk to peers and want to show off sometimes and in their travels might reveal their code to friends who in turn talks about your swanky lock who in turn talk about some dudes friend that has a swanky lot that is overheard by some miscreant acquaintance.. So long as you have the code, you can get in! Some recite the code out loud as they punch in digits, others may write it down on post-it’s and stick them on stuff so as to remember..etc.. The human element is real.. I mean.. I have a nephew thats the posterchild.

    Same with passcard (not that the current lock solutions use that these days).. They can be stolen/”borrowed”, lost, ‘broken’, etc..

    Using your smartphone to swipe lock/unlock is an even slower process than pulling the key outta your pocket and manually unlocking the door..

    BUT now we are at a time where all options are available on the one unit.. And they are smarter with the way you can grant temporary/scheduled access, etc.. It’s great to have the additional options..

    FINALLY… My big beef with it all…

    I’ve never have, and dont know anyone that also doesnt have both the dead-bolt and latch..

    So, you have a smart lock that is exclusively the dead bolt.. but you still gotta use a key to operate the latch! I still dont think you are saving time worth whoopin’ about or relagating the key to “when all else fails” role. And for those manufacturers that make both a dead-bolt and latch option, you can only choose one because they are large enough that you can only fit one in the area that the locks are located.

    I know we’ll eventually get there, I’m not worried about that, but I struggle to call the quest complete just yet.

    And the WiFi option.. So how fast do you suppose it’ll consume battery life? Changing it every 2-3 months would get on my nerves..

  11. June Nadir says:

    With the auto lock function, does it have a sensor where it will only auto lock when the door is in the closed position? Does the app have a sensor for when the door is in the closed or open position?

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