Epson e-Ink Smart Canvas Watch Review

Epson e-Ink Smart Canvas Watch Review Science & Technology

Welll…. it turns out, it is not an actual SmartWatch. But it IS a nice looking piece! Check out all what is has to offer and the beauty that it comes with !

You can get yours here!

EPSON Smart Canvas e-Ink Smartwatch

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Epson e-Ink Smart Canvas Watch Review – Video published on YouTube by Goodereader:

12 thoughts on “Epson e-Ink Smart Canvas Watch Review

  1. Emmanuel Sanders says:

    I used to buy lots of Epson ink 🙂
    Seriously thought, happy to see eink in any kind of wearable.

  2. ANTIquasiPSEUDO PSY on says:

    I am waiting for full android smartwatch with color e-ink and big battery… Hopefully Hisense will do it eventually …

  3. Dan Bond says:

    Does anyone know if Goodereader is a good source to order ereaders from? I ask because I ordered a device for a coule hundred dollars from them and they charged me for it, yet I get know tracking or order updates and its been 2 weeks. I called their customer service number 3 times with detailed message with know responses. Are they a good company or should i be concerned? Thanks

  4. Jon Stern says:

    “In terms of function, there isn’t any”. Oh how spoiled we are in 2021! It wasn’t that long ago in human history, having something that fitted on your wrist that could tell you the time would have been considered a mind blowing function. Having that without having to wind it up every day would have been considered near miraculous before 1969 (when Seiko introduced the first quartz watch).

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