Ep 2: Command Centers and Security – The Ultimate Smart Home Series

Ep 2: Command Centers and Security - The Ultimate Smart Home Series Science & Technology

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All the smart home command centers, control panels, and security systems we’ve installed around the house.

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Brilliant Control
4:47 Action Tiles
7:06: How to Name Devices
9:32 Alexa Groups
10:40 Security
15:29 Ep 3 Tease

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Ep 2: Command Centers and Security – The Ultimate Smart Home Series – Video published on YouTube by Justin_tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-8Y7HQKvEk

20 thoughts on “Ep 2: Command Centers and Security – The Ultimate Smart Home Series

  1. Doyle Real Estate Team - RE/MAX Results says:

    Good advice regarding naming conventions!

  2. Ricardo Arzola says:

    Appreciate Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched – Mahorrla Defence Wisdom Method (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing one off product for securing your home from danger minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my close friend Aubrey got astronomical success with it.

  3. Carnuro Alnanda says:

    Kudos for the Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Mahorrla Defence Wisdom Method (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one off product for securing your home from danger minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cooworker at very last got cool results with it.

  4. Justin Harris says:

    Lol, uses foot to turn off Alexa. Incredible episode. Didn’t know about ActionTIles. Gonna have to try this out.

  5. Justin Harris says:

    “Toby, Open that Door!” I thought Toby was a new assistant I could download for a quick second, haha.

  6. Pedro Martell says:

    Nice video, Why don’t you use smart films for the windows instead of smart blinds or curtains?, the smart films look a lot more cool and they even save a bit of space

  7. Babbit says:

    Absolutely loving this series so far! I finally joined the amazing world of Hue this week (some of it thanks to you and your previous vids!) and I have the Hue sound bars arriving tomorrow for my gaming ? Episode 2 was some great timing as I’m getting to grips with zones and scenes in the Hue app, Home app and my Alexa. It’s so great to be educated by you on the all features and how all these things work together, and I’m definitely looking into smart home security next! Great work Justin, love your videos and this series ??✨

  8. Karol Jaskiewicz says:

    Is there some other thing like actiontiles but not strictly made for smartthings?

  9. Dennis Kusseneers says:

    Is there an other way to work with action tile?
    Like Google home instead of smart things?
    I live in Belgium and I can’t find a smartthings hub here so I look for everything to work with Google home.

  10. Lars Schwinges says:

    Dynamic and fun to watch! Justin, you are a fantastic presenter, effortlessly balancing quirky humor and factual content. With a quality visual style and amusing delivery, this series appeals to everyone from the advanced tech-smart looking for comprehensive information to the tech-phobic wanting an accessible introductory overview. Certainly worthy of 5 stars!

  11. Sean O'Connor says:

    I used the Trendsetter smartapp to create groups of lights as needed. They show up as single virtual switches.

  12. Justin_tech says:

    *UPDATE: Konnected Pro boards which are on pre-order natively support 12 zones, but you can connect as many as you need, so you can have much more than 12 zones!*

  13. Steve Barajas says:

    Very cool video I like the Brilliant switch and Action Tiles. Question, I like all the visual tech, but isn’t the future of Smart Home in voice? I guess it’s your preference I have 8 Google Minis around the house that get my commands done. Thoughts?

  14. Julie Scotland says:

    Loving these tech videos! We just installed a bunch of Hue lights now that we have a new baby—it makes ALL the difference when getting her ready for bed thanks to the red lights and being able to dim the lights before we even get into the room. Between those and the Sonos speakers which are great for both music AND for brown noise we are really loving the home automation to make this growing family a little easier. Love learning about all the other options we have. Keep the great content coming!!!

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