Counting Down My Top 35 TikTok Gadget Videos

Counting Down My Top 35 TikTok Gadget Videos Howto & Style

Today I’m counting down my most popular TikTok videos from #35 to #1, based on views, as of July 2020. You may have seen the full videos here on YouTube, but maybe you’ll catch a few new ones, too. Do you think TikTok is a fad or here to stay?

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Counting Down My Top 35 TikTok Gadget Videos – Video published on YouTube by Freakin’ Reviews:

20 thoughts on “Counting Down My Top 35 TikTok Gadget Videos

  1. Freakin' Reviews says:

    I am aware of the concerns about TikTok’s privacy, which is one reason I posted this, so you don’t have to use it to watch what I’ve posted there.

  2. Kip Paseo says:

    My mom accidentally downloaded the app on her phone. It installed some type of bug that kept activating her camera and microphone. Even after we thought we had deleted the app this bug still remained. Neither the kid a at the T-Mobile store or an actual technician with Samsung could get it off the phone Without completely doing a full factory restore. This is a Chinese app which is Intended to spy on silly people who use it.

  3. Angry Dove says:

    How do you even search on Tik Tok, the thing is useless! 🙁 Stick with Youtube, James.

  4. Joanna London says:

    I love your videos. I don’t watch Tik Tok, but this was great. Thank you! Well done ??

  5. Mocha 38 says:

    Hate that app cannot wait until is gone ?
    But I really enjoy the video ?

  6. Eric Cook says:

    I’ve never really sat down and paid too much attention to talk but from what I could get from it as it is just like that vine crap which is the same reason why that was stupid how entertained could you possibly get for watching 15 second video clips you’re basically just watching a bunch of gif pics over and over and over again it’s kind of what it seems like to me they’re just not long enough and that was why Vine was so stupid I don’t know if there is longer videos on tic tac cuz I haven’t looked at it that much but I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s all about which is probably why it will eventually fail it’s going to be abusing that first just like Vine was but eventually people will start watching YouTube again and not that at all because exactly like I said how entertained could you possibly get watching short video clips for like 15 seconds

  7. Elle Bryant says:

    08 JULY 2020, WEDNESDAY

  8. Annie and Pete’s CarV Travel Blog says:

    I won’t be on tictok so I’m glad I got to see your reviews here.

  9. Undeadly says:

    YouTube was “wild wild west” in the beginning as well. Still somehow not even close to the level of cringe that tik tok is.

  10. Guardians Creed says:

    Tik Tok is owned by a foreign country thats been caught spying once before

  11. お拖把茶 says:

    Number #1 is really really coooool, other stuff are bullshit ???

  12. Diane Fiske-Foy says:

    Never been on TikTok and never wanted to. But I do like several of the items you’ve tested from there ???‼️

  13. ohla300 says:

    I never seen the Hot Hot hands one Im a find it cuz that one had me lol and concerned ✌?

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