Cool NEW Tech Gadgets I Use (2020)

Cool NEW Tech Gadgets I Use (2020) Science & Technology

The $59 Zhiyun Smooth X smartphone gimbal is a great way to start capturing cinematic video on the go –
Sponsored by Zhiyun Tech

Sonos Arc Soundbar Speaker –
Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle –
Apple Pro Display XDR –
Sony ZV-1 Vlog Camera –
Apple Magic Keyboard –
Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Interface –
Nanlite PavoTube RGB Lights –
Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 –
Philips Hue Play LED –
Apple iPhone SE 2020 –
Razer Blade Studio Edition Laptop –

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Cool NEW Tech Gadgets I Use (2020) – Video published on YouTube by Justin Tse:

20 thoughts on “Cool NEW Tech Gadgets I Use (2020)

  1. dheo fugado says:

    IG: @ongfugado
    I’d honestly I just want to win an iphone SE, because experiencing pandemic here in Philippines is worst. I dont even have money to buy a good phone for my online schooling. Btw I’m VP in our department incase your wondering.. My android dating from 2012 always crashes even from messenger. Thank you in advance if I win

  2. Rohit Nair says:

    IG: rnair.98
    I always how crisp and to the point Justin’s YT videos are. I need to up my videography game.

  3. Deondre Hough says:

    Instagram:Deondreh_. Everything in this video is just amazing and has good quality

  4. Lando99 says:

    IG: lando_movements
    Thank’s for the giveaway, I never won a giveaway before.

  5. Brenden Bishop says:

    IG: BBISH937
    Awesome review, that kettle is absolute fire! As someone who makes coffee basically everyday this would be nuts.

  6. Varun Chico says:

    my instagram user name is: varun.chico
    I really do need a soundbar, but im ok winning any of these items. Fingers crossed
    Also thanks for the amazing content. great job Justin

  7. Pedro Faia says:

    IG: @pfaia

    I would love to have the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2. They look awesome and i really need to upgrade my old ones 😀

    Cheers from Portugal

  8. humberto barocio ramirez says:

    IG: humberto.barocio
    The rezer Blade would be incredible to win

  9. krazerrr says:

    IG: jdlam_
    Man this was a solid vid. I’d kill to finally have a razer blade. Been eyeing it for years now

  10. marvin마빈 says:

    IG: @thatkidfrom__nowhere
    The tech that really caught my eye was the Razer Blade studio edition laptop? i think its a versatile laptop and i could see myself using it for school.

  11. Karl John Ullegue says:

    Love all the tech and how visually pleasing everything looks on your unit. The aesthetic the colour palettes are all on point.

    IG: sirkage

  12. Den Den Setsu says:

    IG: ACEdaSDA

    I would really love the Razer Blade Studio Edition Laptop to help with my channel instead of using my phone as a laptop. (not posting the channel name out of respect for the craft)

  13. Joey Giovannetti says:

    IG: JoeyGiovannetti
    Omg the Sonos sound bar looks so beautiful but the Razer Blade Laptop takes the cake. Love the vibe of both of them tho.

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