Best Budget Smart Home Lights (2021) Xiaomi Yeelight Review

Best Budget Smart Home Lights (2021) Xiaomi Yeelight Review Science & Technology

Budget smart home lights can transform your house on the cheap, and here’s how to setup Google Home, Alexa and Apple Homekit compatible bulbs from Yeelight. I’ve reviewed a lot of smart bulb tech and Xiaomi’s ecosystem smart lighting are among the best. These budget friendly lighting solutions are affordable compared with Philips Hue, LifX and other options, yet I found the Yeelight bulbs easy to setup and just as feature-packed. No bridge is required and these Xiaomi lights are compatible with Google Home, Apple Homekit, Alexa and other home assistants.

Yeelight offers a huge selection of smart home lighting solutions, and these new bulbs will be available via Amazon from Jan 25 here in the UK. Check out this link for a giveaway:

We start with the ceiling bulb, MultiColor M2, which is super-bright and offers a rainbow of different hues. At $20 a pop, these are the most budget-friendly smart lights I’ve ever setup and reviewed. So far I’m very happy – the Yeelight bulb looks and feels good quality, responds as expected on Google Home, and has all the standard featured including scheduling, presets and so on.

The LED light strip is also a winner, offering up to 10m in length if you join them together. You’ve got physical controls as well as the usual app support, and voice commands via Google, Apple and Alexa.

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20 thoughts on “Best Budget Smart Home Lights (2021) Xiaomi Yeelight Review

  1. Samuel Waltner says:

    i have that bulb, the problem it is always disconnecting from the app and then I can’t control it 🙁

  2. Hådi says:

    Great video as usual! But I’m pretty sure you can stick those 2 pin plugs in the 3 pin sockets just make sure they aren’t loose :).

  3. RičiGamerCZ says:

    I have been using yeelight for many years allways great products for good price + new yelight bulbs and ledstrip even supports razer synapse, so good to have with RGB PC build

  4. Damien Kearns says:

    Love you reviewing something other than phones and such, especially this type of stuff ? Not that I don’t like the phones and such, calm down ?

  5. Robert Macrowan says:

    I have a house full of Yee lights like all things Xiaomi they are brilliant, I am particularly pleased with the desk lamp. I use one of their plain white bulbs in my outside light and it’s been trouble free

  6. Mark B says:

    Hi Chris, I hear the UK has a worse variant of COVID… stay safe mate from me and all my mates.
    From Australia.

  7. Yeelight Germany says:

    Thank you for this really nice video!! The Staria Bedside Lamp is so cool with the integrated wireless charging pad for the phone and can be used as a light alarm clock as well – you can set it to slowly get brighter in the morning and this way wake you up softly at a fixed time! The lightstrip 1S is also compatible with Chroma Razer – for all the gamers out there 😉 We will share the video with our users!

  8. Adrian Byron-Parker says:

    You should look at these TP-Link Tapo bulbs. I have a few and they work fine and at £9 each nice and cheap

  9. Rafiki says:

    When did you record this video? As far as I’m aware Xiaomi have been blocked from Google home

  10. B_Shadoink says:

    hi, just wanted to say that you are my favorite electronics reviewer, i really like and enjoy your work man 😀

  11. Dan H says:

    How did attach the light strip at the back of the tv? More specifically the corners? Did you cut or bend?

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