Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Still The Best Smartwatch But Samsung Catching Up

Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Still The Best Smartwatch But Samsung Catching Up Science & Technology

I have used the Apple Watch Series 6 for four full days. Usually I have a minimum “six day before review” rule, but the Watch 6 is so similar to the 5 (and the 4 before it), it doesn’t take that long to draw a conclusion.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Still The Best Smartwatch But Samsung Catching Up – Video published on YouTube by ben’s gadget reviews:

20 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Still The Best Smartwatch But Samsung Catching Up

  1. Emmalyn Labrador says:

    Definitely buying an apple watch ⌚️ series 6
    It’s going to be my very first apple watch
    Cant wait for it to arrive here in Philippines ??
    Thanks for your review my friend.

  2. G H O S T says:

    For the 1st time ever, I heard a tech reviewer speak so highly of an apple product, without me cringing, cause I know Ben is truly Legit.

    For the 1st time ever also, I “liked” an Apple product review even before watching.?

  3. Curated Pixel says:

    Did you get the stainless steel series 6?
    Ok, it was answered on 9:08

  4. P T says:

    Doesn’t matter if Samsung catches up to Apple, it’s still not an Apple and it can’t join the Apple ecosystem.

  5. N Sanjay S Nathan says:

    Hi there ? can you review phones that have dropped in prices and tell us if it’s a budget value.

  6. P T says:

    APPLE WATCH SERIES 6 is awesome! I was never interested in a smartwatch until now with the new Apple Watch series 6 because it has 1)
    an oxygen blood sensor which helps those with heart attack, detects covid19, asthsma, headaches. 2) ECG (1 measurement of EKG).
    It already has the fall sensor. 3) nice blue metal watchband in steel, aluminum, or titanium. 4) Nice to have: fall sensor, maps,

    Apple Pay

  7. P T says:

    Other reviewers also said that the 6 is 2.5 times brigher than the 5, and is noticeable outdoors.

  8. Weekend Warrior says:

    There are complications on Samsung. And they do have that recording feature too. Bixby…. Is getting better… Ish. Also a healthy oxygen level is actually anything higher than 92% and depending on elevation 90% is also ok

  9. babevso says:

    I Like How You Are Non Biased, We Know you Love Your Android Products/ Phones but Also Too You Bring Us Other Brands From CHINA THAT not Many Of Us Even Heard or Know About???…Thanks For Your Review Always

  10. Macho Rodríguez says:

    ben’s gadget I’m always watch your videos and you always give reviews all brand no matter the price, can you do a review of Umidigi Bison I think Umidigi is a great brand with low cost but nobody review them, but I know that if you see it is going to take attention and for the price is good phone. thanks for your videos and great reviews .

  11. Markoni 90 says:

    I would recommend a little quieter background music.
    I like it but I would like to hear you better.

    Focus should be on you 🙂

  12. Tushar Sarda says:

    I am going to buy an apple watch for the first time. do you reckon series 6 or 5 ?? have you noticed improved battery life on series 6 than 5 ??
    nobody is comparing the battery life on 5 and 6

  13. Robert Lora says:

    The video is definitely different in your own style. Real detailed and down to earth – awesome job ??

  14. Daniel G. says:

    Hey buddy, thanks for your honest review as usual. Do you think that the new oppo watch is closer to this AppleS6? Better than Samsung watch 3? I do not want to move to Apple’s, still prefering keep on Android so there are not a lot of alternatives closer to Apple watches… BR

  15. Livius says:

    And this is the reason why your channel deserves 1 million subs and why I always watch your videos. I am tired of biased videos. BTW, imI am thinking of buying the SE but I am using Samsung. Will it work 100% with Android or there will be problems?
    It’s true that Huawei watches have amazing battery but that’s it with them. The OS on Huawei watches is pure trash, doesn’t even have a damn calculator on GT2. I am using GT2 now.

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