Apple HomePod mini Review: Best Small Smart Speaker?

Apple HomePod mini Review: Best Small Smart Speaker? Science & Technology

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The HomePod mini is pricier than other speakers out there, but it might just be the best sounding speaker in the mini category.

00:00 Intro
00:36 Unboxing
01:43 Smaller Footprint
02:27 Wireless Handoff
04:48 My One, True Stereo Pair
06:33 Intercom: “Dinner’s Ready!”
07:13 Big Sound in a Small Package
08:44 Siri Gets Smarter
11:47 Smart Home Hub
12:34 Is The Apple HomePod mini Your GadgetMatch?

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20 thoughts on “Apple HomePod mini Review: Best Small Smart Speaker?

  1. Johnny Angel says:

    I appreciate you censoring “Hey Siri” so it won’t set off our Siris lol

  2. Matthew Brew says:

    Does anyone know if handoff will work with an iPhone XS or earlier, seeing as it works for older devices on the original HomePod?

  3. Adebanjo Abayomi says:

    Is Tomi Adebayo a Nigerian ? Because u are my favourite from Nigeria

  4. Matias Uribe says:

    Ill be honest. I really want to get one but im not gonna yet since it doesnt support spotify yet

  5. Rü Bən says:

    Hey, Youtuber. I use YouTube Music not Apple Music. Try multiple apps.

  6. Dylan SJ Perez says:

    Do you know if the “screen” thing up top is made out of glass or plastic?

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