Android Gets An “Apple Watch”: Oppo Watch Review

Android Gets An "Apple Watch": Oppo Watch Review Science & Technology

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You simply can’t talk about the Oppo Watch without acknowledging that it was made to look like the Apple Watch. From the watchfaces to the band design, even to the retail packaging – I look at the Oppo Watch and all I can think about is the trademark standard “likelihood of confusion,” which I read so much about back in my legal-books-on-tape days. Further, the notion of taking Google’s inconsistent Wear OS software and putting it inside an Apple Watch lookalike – to me it sounds like the worst of all worlds. So when I agreed to review the Oppo Watch ahead of its European release … quite frankly, I expected to hate it.

Imagine my surprise, then, when after a week of using the thing … it actually won me over. It’s still too close to the Cupertino product for me to keep it on my wrist, but the Oppo Watch is one of the most interesting, and most consistently reliable, Wear OS watches I’ve tested in recent memory. Join me for all the details, in MrMobile’s Oppo Watch Review!



MrMobile’s Oppo Watch Review was produced following seven days with an Oppo Watch review sample (model OW19W8) provided by Oppo and tested with a Motorola Razr 2019. Preproduction device running pre-release software. The sole sponsor of this content is Withings; neither Oppo nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage, and Oppo was not given a preview of the content or offered copy approval rights concerning same.


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20 thoughts on “Android Gets An “Apple Watch”: Oppo Watch Review

  1. Jeremy H says:

    I’ll pass… Oppo is not really a brand I’m into. But to those that buy it enjoy.

  2. Neykov Master says:

    I heard,that there is Power saver mode ,which could last up to 3 -4 weeks…

  3. JungleMU says:

    When a Company copies Apple:

    “Great, the industries ideas are spreading across the globe to bring technologies to everyone!”

    When Apple copies another Company:


  4. sevengance says:

    A basic square design that MILLIONS of other watched had before Apple is a copy ????? The watch bands that swatch had for decades is a copy ??

  5. Stefan Grubesic says:

    I just couldn’t carry something that’s “a poor man’s…”, that’s at least how I see these rip offs in looks department

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