Amazon SMART RING? – Echo Loop Review

Amazon SMART RING? - Echo Loop Review Science & Technology

Amazon’s Echo Loop is an invite only Smart Ring that attempts to bring Alexa with you outside the home.
Connect it to your phone with the Alexa app and use the powerful voice AI anywhere you go.
But is the Echo Loop really worth worth it?

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4 thoughts on “Amazon SMART RING? – Echo Loop Review

  1. Steve Hinrichs says:

    I have Alexa, but switching over to 100% Siri. It works majority of the time, but Siri can still be finicky. I use my Apple Watch most of the time. I just purchased two HomePods off of FaceBook Market Place for a reasonable price. They are working out well. Especially using the Short Cut App. A person can build some really cool home automation with Short Cuts App. I also use a HOOBs and a Raspberry Pi to bring in some of the non-HomeKit items I have purchased over the years. Good video. I have also applied to test the ring too.

  2. unmannedmechanic says:

    I have this ring and so far it’s good for what I need. Adding things to my shopping list and making reminders. All I have to do it push a button and leave my phone where it is.

  3. Ian Dawson says:

    For me, the fact that you invoked Alexa several times during this review, really invalidates your ability to review anything smart speaker related.

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