Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – Does A Moving Screen Change Things?

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review - Does A Moving Screen Change Things? Science & Technology

Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Generation Review – Does A Moving Screen Change Things?

Here’s our review of the new Amazon Echo Show 10 and everything it offers. This is a brand new 3rd generation smart display from Amazon with Amazon Alexa on board. However, this one is a bit different because it has the ability to rotate its screen to follow you as you go through different activities.

The new Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Generation comes complete with new speakers, a zigbee hub, Amazon Sidewalk, a new thinner screen, and a much better design. The motor is nearly silent as the screen rotates around its 175 degree base. You can calibrate it too, so it looks at you in its idle position.

Enjoy our #review of the #Amazon #EchoShow 10!

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Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – Does A Moving Screen Change Things? – Video published on YouTube by Automate Your Life:

20 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – Does A Moving Screen Change Things?

  1. Collin Doherty says:

    I hate my show 5. Audio quality is terrible, it never picks up on my voice, and is really limited on video capability. I was willing to pay for this new piece if I was able to trade up, but even Amazon won’t take the show 5 as a trade in. Until I can trade in and price comes down I don’t think I can make the jump.

  2. Giovanni Turco says:

    Hi fantastic video again I pre ordered my in white can’t wait to receive it on 20 April

  3. Hugh Dinwiddie says:

    Great review, Brian! I got mine a few days ago and like it a lot. Folks shouldn’t complain too much about the price as it’s only the early adopters, like us, who will be paying the current price. There is NO doubt Amazon will start discounting this and packaging it with other devices soon. to make for really good deals. I just didn’t want to wait. I had the first Show 10 and currently have more smaller Echo Shows than I want to admit and this is a good fit for me. I wish it had “tilt” along with “pan” but it doesn’t. I also wish you could drop in and look around from there, but maybe that will come later. You have to go to “cameras” to move it around…I think. I paired a Hue Bulb to it to see how that works although I have a Hue Hub and it works fine except you can’t do the Hue Scenes that way or so it seems. I’m still wondering if there’s a LoRa radio in it waiting to be turned on with Sidewalk. We’ll see…I hope so. Keep up the good work, my friend! Oh, I just “decommissioned” a Wyze Pan in my kitchen because of this.

  4. Ryan Varga says:

    Few questions:
    1. Can you set the screen to go totally black or just have the clock/weather when it is not answering questions or playing music?
    2. If I set it to only track me when asking a question will it go back to the home setting after she answers the question
    3. So I could set a routine to set a routine to start when it detects someone walking in the room. So I could set up my morning routine to run between the hours of 7-7:30 when it detects someone at that time?

    Thanks. Great video.

  5. R Spivack says:

    It needs Zoom app. For better or worse, videoconferencing = Zoom and really nothing else.

  6. Super Nova says:

    Hello , can we talk about Samsung ADT Hub. They will be discontinuing this device. A lot of people are upset and pissed this unit only last less than 4 years and now they are discontinuing the item. What will we do for alarm on our existing sensors ( motion and doors)

  7. George Hafner says:

    Hello Brian, just received my Echo 10, works great, but found a negative, the motion will not work in low light, I have mine in the Familyroom where I had the lights low, while watching TV, you receive a message that reads “ light too low for motion “ I hope they can change this in a software update.

  8. burnzy3210 says:

    it’s very cool but i’m just not sure what i’d use it for, i’m not gonna watch tv or movies on it and i dont know enough people with echo shows to justify the video call aspect

  9. Brendan White says:

    One thing I like about Google only having a small range of products is not having to worry about the constant upgrading of hardware like seems to be the thing with Amazon. With the Echo range it seems to be like smart phones, own it a year or two then throw it out and get the next latest, where as Google Nest Hub is the same hardware as it was 3 years ago, but with software updated for enhancements.
    Don’t get me wrong. Exciting to see innovation. Not sure I would need a display to follow me unless using it for a video call though.

  10. Jonathan Kelly says:

    Great video Brian, very informative. Did I hear you right, there is no 3.5mm audio connection. Amazon, what are you thinking. The 3.5mm audio stands you apart from the Googles and the Apples of this crazy world. Wired connections of any type are always better than wireless. I am not paying that much money and not getting the fundamentals. Go back to the drawing board and try again.

  11. Automate Your Life says:

    I would like to give you a clarification about the Motion Tracking Feature!

    1. It requires LIGHT. Decent light. Or it does not work.
    2. It requires the settings to be right.
    3. It requires the camera to be uncovered.

  12. Anthony Renfro says:

    Pass. Not for me. Only Apple, strange to write that, has released something in the last year or so that has seemed worth diving into – the Homepod Mini. Love mine most of the time. Google and Amazon keep releasing the same things with minimal change. At least Google is willing to keep improving software wise where Amazon seems to be on a treadmill. And how long until this new Echo 10 starts breaking? That spinning gimmick is going to be a problem. Great video as always. Hate to sound negative but the smart home stuff has just gotten stale. Not sure what the next big thing is in the smart home industry.

  13. Jamal Du-Barry says:

    The interface is still terrible, slow and clunky. Google hub interface is way ahead in this regard.

  14. Felipe Garcia says:

    I judt found you channel watching Paul’s Hillbert video, you aweasome, subscribed and I will use some of your expertise to create new videos for my channel, if that’s ok for you!
    I just started Smart Home company in Brazil, and this will help me a lot!!! thanks. you are great!

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