AirPods Max Review: Superb Sound for $$$

AirPods Max Review: Superb Sound for $$$ Science & Technology

Apple’s AirPods Max are pricier than your usual over the ear headphones. But are in a different league vs the Sony WH-1000M4 and Bose NC700s. Find out why in our review video.

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00:00 Intro
00:35 Unboxing
02:25 Build Quality
03:45 Design
06:25 Fit & Comfort
07:08 Controls
07:50 Sound Quality
08:44 Spatial Audio
09:34 Noise Cancellation
10:10 Mic Quality
10:52 Battery Life
12:07 Bundled Case
13:02 Seamless Connectivity
14:01 Are the AirPods Max Your GadgetMatch?


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20 thoughts on “AirPods Max Review: Superb Sound for $$$

  1. Jim Balter says:

    You are one of the very best tech reviewers and I generally love your verbal presentation, but “How do they sound like” is not proper English. Also, “gyroscope” has a soft “g” (like “j”).

  2. Cameron G says:

    I bought apple care… for an investment like this I want to be able to beat them up and just trade for a new one whenever I want.

  3. White Flag says:

    Seriously let me recommend the MPow H17 HEADPHONES for $65 not $1000
    In the real world, if you had the airpod max and mpow.. I guarantee you would err toward the reliability and lightweight feel of the H17. WASTE YOUR MONEY if you want ….you won’t be disappointed by the MPOW H17

  4. White Flag says:

    Shows to me again, Apple can only design rectangles with rounded corners.

  5. Nipun Sharma says:

    Please save your precious time and just watch this fantastic review of the Airpods Max from DMS

  6. Nick C says:

    @12:43 This is wrong. I notice some youtubers do this and it’s misleading. The Max doesn’t fold like this, it folds with the ear pads facing out. Yes, it’s reversed. At @14:25 it shows the controls on the left ear, it’s not, it’s suppose to be on the right.

  7. C Jay says:

    Sir!!!! Your reviews are spot on. They are cohesive and thorough. I appreciate the time you invested! ???

  8. Dino Leo Gregorio says:

    I don’t really get tech reviewers nowadays. When they review other brands (samsung, huawei, etc) they are always so hypercritical but when its apple its like they always make a reason to try to like it. Like common.

  9. NileshR12 says:

    I love the blue Sony XM4s & blue Bose 700s! Those finishes look amazing!

  10. NileshR12 says:

    This “Smart Case” needs a hardshell case ??. The way we have cases on our AirPods cases, people will need & buy hardshell cases from Amazon for the AirPods Max ?

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