A “SMART” Humidifier? ? The Vocolinc Mistflow Review – Works with HomeKit

A "SMART" Humidifier? ? The Vocolinc Mistflow Review - Works with HomeKit People & Blogs

The VOCOlinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier works with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. In this video we’ll discuss all the features and my experience using it with HomeKit. We’ll also compare it to the very similar VOCOlinc FlowerBud Diffuser.

**Update – The humidity sensor is exposed and accessible using 3rd party HomeKit apps.


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VOCOlinc MistFlow Humidifier (US): https://geni.us/MistFlow1
VOCOlinc FlowerBud Diffuser:https://geni.us/FlowerBud
VOCOlinc PureFlow Air Purifier: https://geni.us/PureFlow

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0:00 Intro: Hey Siri – Humidify
0:47 Overview
1:54 Availability
2:22 Unboxing & Features
4:13 Setup
4:56 VOCOlinc App Controls
8:38 Home App Controls
10:13 My Experience
10:53 MistFlow VS Flowerbud
12:28 Pros & Cons
13:31 Final Thoughts



VOCOlinc Air Purifier Review

Under Cabinet Lightstrip For Your Smart Home


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A “SMART” Humidifier? ? The Vocolinc Mistflow Review – Works with HomeKit – Video published on YouTube by Shane Whatley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAiBj9DAnV8

20 thoughts on “A “SMART” Humidifier? ? The Vocolinc Mistflow Review – Works with HomeKit

  1. Max Jerome says:

    Great review Shane! I only wish you demonstrated the automations, I.E. goodnight scene turns on humidifier.

  2. Adam's Tech Life says:

    One of my favorite features of this is that you actually get more controls in the home app than other accessories. Typically it’s power, brightness, and color control so I’m happy to see we get more features in the home app. Great video!

  3. Joseph DeVita says:

    This thing went back to the drawing board. It’s not sold out anymore. It was pulled cause it’s trash. I got 2 of them on day 1. 1 didn’t work and the second I’m using just for the mood light. It does absolutely nothing for humidity. I have it a 13’ x 11’ room and even with the door closed for 24 hours it does nothing but send a cool looking vapor stream into the air. I sent the broken one back for a refund and Amazon refunded me for both and told me don’t bother sending the other one back. That’ll tell you something. The humidity sensor is not even on point. I guess Vocolinc wouldn’t send you free stuff if you actually told the whole truth.

  4. Frederick Falk says:

    Congratulations: Another great video, Shane. I am definitely thinking of getting one of these for our house. We typically have high humidity in Central Texas, but there are times when the humidity drops and I have issues with my sinuses. This might be the ticket. I really like the way VOCOLinc automatically uses a Target Humidity to turn the unit on and off.

    Questions: What happens when it runs out of water and the humidity level hasn’t been reached? Does the unit automatically shut down until you refill it with water? Does it send an alert for that situation?

    Rant: I am disappointed with the Home app in a couple of areas that Apple could really improve on. One is, when you are using the slider button, it doesn’t show what the setting is until you release the slider. So if you are trying to set it to a specific number, it is a bit of trail and error to get it to that number. Of course you can always use Hey Siri to set it to a specific number, but sometimes, I just want to do it in the app as I may already be there or I don’t want to disturb someone else that may also be in the room with me. The same goes for the White light wheel. Why can’t Apple show us the color temperature while I am moving the wheel around. I would love to be able to see what the color temperature is in *K, like 4000K or 2700K, and so forth.

    Sometimes Apple “hides” stuff from us that would really help others out. I see other manufacture apps and they are seeming doing a much better job at the user interface than Apple is doing. I understand that Apple’s Home app has to accommodate several manufacturer’s devices, but at times it just appears Apple is missing the boat on the UI. Maybe it has to do with how the other manufacturer’s are reporting or exposing information and settings to Apple.

  5. Nico De Letter says:

    Hey, thanks again for an honest review. I also have the humidifier myself. And my findings are similar. I do use distilled water myself. Maybe not really necessary, but if you live in an area with chalk rich water. Maybe worth considering. Furthermore, I would say, keep it up. ??

  6. Eddy Naime says:

    How is the cleaning of this unit? How often? Process? Inherently humidifiers built up bacteria and mold if not cleaned often. That’s the drag…

  7. Zeron' says:

    That is not a safe humidifier. If a humidifier is the ultrasonic kind and does not use a UV lamp to sanitize or is not the evaporative kind, it is a not a safe humidifier to use. It is not a secondary concern. It is one of the most dangerous thing in the house.

  8. SteveV says:

    My SmartThings sensors are dying off. Any durable HomeKit door/window or multi-sensors you recommend? Prefer sensors that would work with multiple ecosystems, but I’ll take a look at any recommendations at this point.

  9. Scott Skidmore says:

    Thank you for the update. Do you find the the unit leave moisture on the surface it sitting on?

  10. Jason Volz says:

    Thank you for the great content; I always look forward to your videos!

  11. Dustin Gutierrez says:

    Vocolinc products have been rock solid for me, and they’re continuing to improve. For the price, Vocolinc is easily one of the best HomeKit brands.

  12. Jerry Leong says:

    Really informative video, I got to like homekit recently after getting a smart light.

  13. Hung Siu says:

    Great review!! Just wonder how long is that power cable? Also, what kind of info will be sent back to Vocolinc server. Thanks ?

  14. Doug W says:

    Thx Shane. Air quality experts recommend that if use use these personal humility devices it is important to only use distilled water.

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