6 Months Later With Smart Home Gadgets Long Term Smart Home Reviews

6 Months Later With Smart Home Gadgets Long Term Smart Home Reviews Science & Technology

6 Months Later With Smart Home Gadgets || Long Term Smart Home Reviews

I’ve had a number of these smart home products for 6 months, or more. In many cases, these products have performed admirably, but in other cases we’ve had issues or problems. Everything from Google Home, to Alexa and Echo products, to Wemo plugs, sensors from Samsung SmartThings, as well as advanced sensors like uHoo’s air quality device, and everything in between.

We’ll complete long term #reviews about 6 months later with our #smarthome gear and gadgets, because after a while these home automation products can really change.

Links to products in this video (many affiliate links below):

Google Nest Mini – store.google.com
uHoo – https://geni.us/BA3bSzm (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Fire TV Cube – https://geni.us/Hfrq7J (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Aqara Starter’s Gear – https://geni.us/AqaraStoreAYL (Amazon Affiliate Link)
SwitchBot Hub Mini – https://geni.us/SwitchBotHubMini (Amazon Affiliate Link) or https://www.switch-bot.com/products/switchbot-hub-mini?sca_ref=465261.lnJUzVYgn2 (Affiliate Link)
SwitchBot Buttons – https://geni.us/SwitchBotButton (Amazon Affiliate Link) or https://www.switch-bot.com/products/switchbot-bot?sca_ref=465261.lnJUzVYgn2 (Affiliate Link)
Google Nest WiFi – https://geni.us/YsAhW (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Wyze Door Lock – https://geni.us/WyzeDoorLockKeypad (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Echo Flex – https://geni.us/EchoFlexAYL (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Smart Dry – https://geni.us/hI8Fd (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Wemo Smart Plug – https://geni.us/ElV2 (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Aqara Cube – https://geni.us/AqaraStoreAYL (Amazon Affiliate Link)
SwitchBot Meter – https://geni.us/N0Ss (Amazon Affiliate Link) or https://www.switch-bot.com/products/switchbot-meter?sca_ref=465261.lnJUzVYgn2 (Affiliate Link)
SwitchBot Humidifier – https://geni.us/JAHV0 (Amazon Affiliate Link) or https://www.switch-bot.com/products/switchbot-smart-humidifier?sca_ref=465261.lnJUzVYgn2 (Affiliate Link)
Wyze Bulb – geni.us/EoDWq8 (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Wyze Sense – You can’t buy it anymore (and don’t)
Smart Life Bulbs from Teckin – https://geni.us/yitwx (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Smart Life Diffuser from Asakuki – https://geni.us/AsakukiSmartDiffuser (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Amazon Fire Tablets (and Kids Tablets) – https://geni.us/AmazonFireTablets (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Amazon Echo Buds – https://geni.us/AmazonEchoBudsAYL (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Blink Mini – https://geni.us/BlinkMiniAYL (Amazon Affiliate Link)
SmartThings Cam – You can’t buy it anymore
SmartThings Vision – You can’t buy it anymore
EZVIZ C1C – https://geni.us/EZVIZC1C (Amazon Affiliate Link)
EZVIZ C6N – https://geni.us/EZVIZC6N (Amazon Affiliate Link)
EZVIZ C3N – https://geni.us/EZVIZC3N (Amazon Affiliate Link)
EZVIZ C3X – https://geni.us/EZVIZC3X (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Ekster Wallet – https://ekster.com?sca_ref=40086.tUB1vujzQS (Affiliate Link)

Timecodes for you:
00:00 – How Smart Home products change
00:30 – The New Google Nest Mini
1:40 – The uHoo Air Quality Monitor/Sensor
2:52 – The Amazon Fire TV Cube
4:02 – The Aqara M1S Hub and System
5:31 – SwitchBot Buttons
6:00 – Google Nest WiFi
7:10 – The Wyze Door Lock
8:06 – Rapid Fire Reviews of Smart Home Gadgets
11:22 – Amazon’s Fire Tablets
12:10 – The Amazon Echo Buds
12:58 – Blink Mini
13:28 – SmartThings Camera and SmartThings Vision
14:13 – EZVIZ Cameras
14:50 – Ekster Wallets with Chipolo Tracking

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6 Months Later With Smart Home Gadgets Long Term Smart Home Reviews – Video published on YouTube by Automate Your Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LquaqaSbbRo

20 thoughts on “6 Months Later With Smart Home Gadgets Long Term Smart Home Reviews

  1. Carissa M says:

    Have you figured out a way to get Google to tell you the temperature using me Aqara sensors?

  2. Danny Bartel says:

    Enjoyed this review, with all your honest experience, after using the gear for some time. Would like to see more of the same, for the Smartthings platform …

  3. Phil S says:

    Really enjoyed this one Brian, definitely a thumbs up from me for this sort of content.

  4. Kaj Christensen says:

    Great video.
    It would be nice, for a newbie like me, to see your all time favorites. Like top 20 devices ??

  5. Bob Janesak says:

    Your more condensed review was great. I appreciate a brief product critique and always find more in-depth videos if necessary. Thanks for your effort.

  6. rpuls says:

    seems like a very honest review, highly useful. Thanks for that!
    I have bought the Aqara hub as well, among many of their cheap sensors. I also had the sensors connected to smartthings for a while but found it unreliable, plus showing faulty data. Now I have them paired with the aqara hub and that seems much more reliable. I have aqara integrated in home assistant, so I have unlimited use of all these sensors for triggering whatever automation and collect data to show in charts. super nice.

  7. Dan Killam says:

    Agreed on the Wemo switches. Once they are paired it’s OK, but this is the only smart switch I have that takes like 10 tries to pair. TP-link is generally so much better for switches in terms of smooth setup

  8. David Noland. says:

    If you have been using action tiles on the fire tablets, what do you think of the new device dashboard? How does it compare to action tiles?

  9. Charles Mongeau says:

    Great videos and any news you could share about Samsung/Aeotec Smartthings hub for north America? I’m waiting for it but still wondering if it will come to us soon?. Thanks and keep the good work please!

  10. Josh Babeu says:

    Their is a Connection between Smart Dry and Smartthings, atleast in the USA

  11. soghacker says:

    Time out – I have wyze motion and door sensors all over and love them and they’re great. what’s going wrong now should i be worried?

  12. Brian Weiner says:

    I would like to see a focus video on old SmartThings branded gear when the new Aeotec stuff starts rolling out as a comparison of experienced equipment against the early (not fully tested) value of the new gear. I loved the old equipment and it’s functionality, and would love to see how the new stuff matches up.

  13. Chuck Marshall says:

    I like this format. I’m ready to start buying more tech and you helped eliminate some things from my list. Thanks! Maybe you could do smaller categories of things with a little more depth. The camera segment was a nice model.

  14. Brendan White says:

    I always enjoy seeing these longer term, real life experience videos. It gives a real world evaluation of the products.
    What are your thoughts of Nest WiFi compared to Unifi? Do you think it is worth buying Nest WiFi, even with it lacking WiFi 6?
    I do agree with you on app vs light switch. I even feel the same about voice vs normal switch. If it is just a glorified remote control, I feel that is a waste of time/money. I like the home to actually be smart, not just have remote controls.
    I really appreciate your reviews. I always do find them to be quite open and honest. Thanks 🙂

  15. mas921 says:

    this was good an concise, 6 month later reviewes over unboxing anytime!

  16. TheMrHighClimber says:

    Dude get an AX Orbi mesh system. Either the rbk852 or rbk752. You get 3-4 ports on each satellite too

  17. Johan Berggren says:

    You should move the products to right or left depending if you would buy them again.

  18. Kamil Kozyra says:

    Awesome video! I can’t wait to see the next one later in 2021 🙂

  19. Aaron Stewart says:

    Definitely helped make me aware of what’s out there! I like the rapid fire approach. 6 months later is good too!

  20. Patrick Bilodeau says:

    I don’t understand the bad comment on the Wemo Smart Plug. I don’t love them but don’t hate them. It works really well at my home. I have 3 products from them that I buy before I start using SmartThings. After you pass the long and hard process to add them to the wemo app and after the firmware update, Smarthing recongnize them as device. They are really realiable and fast. For exemple, in a room, I have a Wemo light switch and a Samsung SmartThings motion sensor. When I enter the room, the light open instantly. In fact, I was to remove every wemo product from my home because create routine with the wemo app was really bad. I was by accident that I discover the ST integration. So I keep and use them. Maybe give them an another try.

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