5 Hot Dog Gadgets Tested and Ranked

5 Hot Dog Gadgets Tested and Ranked Howto & Style

Today I’m testing and ranking five hot dog gadgets to see if they really work. Also I used the word “steamed” pretty loosely here, but technically they weren’t being steamed. Check out my friend Mike Benson’s review of the same hot dog toaster: https://youtu.be/Z3O2j_mDPT8

Get ’em:
• Hot Doglicious: https://geni.us/hotdoglicious
• Nostalgia Toaster: https://geni.us/hotdogtoaster
• Curl-A-Dog: https://geni.us/curl-a-dog
• Hot Dog Oven: https://geni.us/hotdogoven
• Hotdogger: https://geni.us/hotdogger

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5 Hot Dog Gadgets Tested and Ranked – Video published on YouTube by Freakin’ Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs6tLC1ODm8

20 thoughts on “5 Hot Dog Gadgets Tested and Ranked

  1. Frank The Tank says:

    What’s wrong with just putting a pack of hot dogs in water on the stove? Cooking one hotdog at a time is not good if your cooking for a family. I eat four.

  2. permeus says:

    2:47 ok im a Brit why would you bother to score the hotdog?

    also bread is never very good in the microwave.

  3. Frank The Tank says:

    I think your suppose to go one way then the other way to go thru the bread. I will continue doing it the old fashion way in a pot of water on the stove.

  4. permeus says:

    12:47 ok i cant be the only one that cuts a v shape into the buns even on ones that are already cut? it just makes it easier to put the sausage in.

  5. Jason N says:

    Is scoring a hot dog common practice? I’ve never seen it done before

  6. Timothy Bagrowski says:

    I got a “Hot Diggity Dogger” very similar to the Nostalgia Toaster that I’ve had for 20 plus years, Always does a Great job, the Buns never stick in the one I have, But occasionally the dog swells up and needs to be removed with a knife/fork. But nowadays with Air Fryer ovens, it’s just easier to do them in that. Great Video, but really rating wise 2 of the items were Hot dog accessories and not cookers, I’m curious though, what’s the purpose of scoring the dog? is there a benefit or is it just aesthetics? Keep up the Great Reviews.

  7. Julie Baker says:

    That bun reamer is worse than useless. Even if you make your own buns, a serrated knife is much more effective and practical.

  8. Harpreet Singh Saini says:

    Why don’t you use the hot doger from the both sides of the buns?

  9. Bigg Dawgg says:

    I trick I use sometimes with the hot dog toaster is to take kitchen shears and trim a smidge off the buns before you put them in. Keeps the edges from getting wedged in the corners so they don’t burn or get stuck in there as much. Much easier to get them back out. Plus, if you’re like me and like plain old bread as a snack sometimes, you got something to nosh on while you’re waiting on your lunch. Or you can feed ’em to the dogs or chuck ’em outside for the birds or whatever. Put the condiments on first and lay the hot dog on top (little trick I learned from my hometown hot dog joint) to keep everything as contained as possible and you’re good to go.

  10. k1e1v1i1n says:

    Watching your videos is pretty hard. I don’t know if its an act or if you just have no common sense? the hotdogger is a crap product but why you didn’t think to spin it a little like a drill is beyond me. you seem like the worst case scenario for all manufacturers. like you are 100% the reason we have dummy labels on everything. “caution hot” on a coffee ect.

  11. Preair Ele says:

    I’m gonna recommend you test more quality products to refrain from being known as cheap or generic

  12. barcham says:

    Those are the wrong kind of buns for toasted hot dogs, you need FLAT SIDED buns for toasted dogs. Those buns are for steamed hot dogs only. The Curl-A-Dog is nice, but you still need something to cook the dogs in after you score them. On its own, you will have cold buns and raw hot dogs, not very useful.

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