3 Simple Kitchen Gadgets That Surprisingly Work

3 Simple Kitchen Gadgets That Surprisingly Work Howto & Style

Today I’m testing out three kitchen gadgets that fared better than I expected. They are a baggie holder, toaster bags, and Total Rack.

Get ’em:
• Toaster Bags: I bought these https://geni.us/toasterbags but they may not be available.
• Toaster Bags 2: These are cheaper and more popular https://geni.us/toasterbags2
• Baggie Holder: https://geni.us/bagholder
• Total Rack: https://qvc.co/3oxmqbL
• A similar, cheaper rack that doesn’t expand: https://geni.us/Xmg695

MY GEAR (Amazon)
• Main Camera: https://geni.us/a6400-fr
• Main Lens: https://geni.us/sigma-fr
• 2nd Camera: https://geni.us/rx100v-fr
• Lapel Mic: https://geni.us/lapelmic-fr
• Audio Recorder: https://geni.us/frzoomh1
• Some of my top picks on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DJCTFW

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3 Simple Kitchen Gadgets That Surprisingly Work – Video published on YouTube by Freakin’ Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlfuBVS2llU

20 thoughts on “3 Simple Kitchen Gadgets That Surprisingly Work

  1. Freakin' Reviews says:

    I see from the comments that the obvious solution to cleaning the bags would have been to turn them inside out. Yep, I missed that! The cleaning part was an afterthought and I should have tried that. Thank you for pointing that out!

  2. Kelly Bjorndalen says:

    Pretty sure this guy is Cypher from the matrix after he made the deal with the agents

  3. sean dolan says:

    Pours a quart of water into a gallon bag… not enough water. Lol ?
    Love the video man

  4. Lark MacGregor says:

    RE: buttered grilled cheese – butter bread pieces, then put in one piece at a time, then spread the bread pieces apart and put your cheese between.

  5. Michael says:

    I’ve been using that bag holder for year’s. Absolutely awesome! Saved me more than once when I needed to split up a bulk purchase.

  6. Theresa Sanchez says:

    Have you thought about reviewing fans? A lot of people use fans year round regardless of where they live. Not every fan is a good one.

  7. FILM VERT says:

    We have just discovered your channel and we love your reviews! I will be coming here before I buy anything in the future!

  8. Bobby Fraser says:

    10:48 – You’ve watched so many infomercials that you’ve unconsciously absorbed the infomerical salesman. That little montage of all the sues for it was pure Billy Mays!

  9. Ardy Hagen says:

    Maybe washing out bags would work better if you turned them inside out?


    Solutions to problems I didn’t even know I had!!! And I get to spend an excessive amount of money too!?! Can’t wait to get my hands on this crap & be the envy of chefs everywhere…

  11. Grace D says:

    How about using the bag holder to hold toaster bag open and then just drop the buttered sandwich down in it?

  12. nuniezjorge says:

    nah, they are somewhat useful but still don’t justify the space they take and their price

  13. Warren Dawson says:

    I bought similar bags and they worked great and if you put a slice of pizza in a bag then lay the toaster to where the pizza comes straight out not upright to prevent the toppings form falling to the bottom of the bag. . . . . . .

  14. Elizabeth French says:

    You could use baking paper either side of the buttered toastie and cook it with the paper on. Maybe would work ok?

  15. turrboenvy says:

    Having spent the past few days fighting with the cooling racks we store in a narrow cabinet with our cookie sheets, the total rack looks awesome! But I can’t get past the price — wow that’s expensive.

  16. CDM CDM says:

    I’m a 100% disabled veteran and US Marine. I have a kitchen gadget which I had 3D printed, hired a company in LA to help me raise funds for $10,000 through a go fund me campaign. They failed at providing what they promised. Simply put they ran off with my $10k. Do you have any recommendations for a company who can help me?
    Thank you

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