14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are WORTH Buying + Giveaway

14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are WORTH Buying + Giveaway Science & Technology

Welcome back! Today’s set is full of extraordinary gadgets. Some of them will brighten up your world view, some will improve your gaming skills. And all that with cool music. Stay till the end, there’s a lot of light in here!

0:00 Introduction
0:35 LED Shoes: https://geni.us/LEDFiberShoes
1:10 LED Mask: https://geni.us/LEDMask
1:33 Omega Charger: https://chargeasap.com/
2:20 Smart Wine Dispenser: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/albicchiere/albicchiere-smart-wine-preservation-and-dispenser
2:57 Bottlelight: https://geni.us/BOTTLELIGHT
3:20 Fast Wireless Charger: https://geni.us/FastWirelessCharger
3:59 LED Glasses: https://geni.us/LEDGlasses
4:38 Portable Bluetooth Speakers: https://geni.us/BluetoothSpeakers1
5:19 Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset: https://geni.us/OculusQuest2
6:11 Mobile Game Controller: https://geni.us/MobileGameController
6:51 Hunting Slingshot with laser: https://geni.us/SlingshotWithLaser
Hunting Slingshot: https://geni.us/HuntingSlingshot
7:31 RGB Clock: https://geni.us/RainbowClock
8:13 Revolver drum spinner: https://geni.us/SpinnerRevolverDrum

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14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are WORTH Buying + Giveaway – Video published on YouTube by YouFact Tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z57fm6hHsQY

20 thoughts on “14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are WORTH Buying + Giveaway

  1. Jorik Woudenberg says:

    I think: 0:23, 1:46, 2:32, 3:04, 4:10, 5:10, 6:57 and 7:41
    I’m new on your channel but your making SUPER but realy SUPER cool video’s?

  2. Saeed Mohammed says:

    0:24, 1:46, 2:33, 3:04, 4:09, 6:02, 6:57, 7:41.
    These are all the times I saw the logo. Hope this counts as a qualification. Gl everyone else who entered.

  3. Martijn van Boven says:

    I like the portable Bluetooth speaker the most bucuse I like music and I don’t have a good speaker

  4. Rohit Pentakota says:

    The times are 0:23, 1:46, 2:33, 3:03, 4:08, 5:10, 6:02, 6:57, 7:41

  5. Jimmy Grehan says:

    Timecodes are 0:23 1:46 2:32 3:03 4:08 5:09 6:01 6:56 7:41if I win can I have the vr hedset

  6. Canadian_TriLL 905 says:

    The only use ever for a slingshot is mischeif or bullshit, why would this even be in here? Ill never know who screens the products to make it into the videos but whoever does is a fuckin idiot lol

  7. George Pantazoglou says:

    0:23 1:46 2:33 3:03 4:08 5:10 6:02 6:57 7:41
    I really like the shoes. I wish I had them when I was clubbing

  8. Oban De Leest says:

    0:23 , 1:46 , 2:33 , 5:10 , 6:57 , 7:42 those are the times i think :))

  9. Jay Jay says:

    I really loved this video
    The timestamps are 0:23 1:46 2:33 3:04 4:08 5:09 6:56 7:41
    I really hope i can win one of the prizes

  10. Noe Valencia says:

    Enjoyed your video. I really liked that clock
    0:23, 1:46, 2:32, 3:02, 4:09, 5:09, 6:57, 7:44.

  11. Hour Ly says:

    The times of the logo are 0:23, 1:46, 2:33, 5:10, 6:57, 7:42. Like your video a lot XD.

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