13 Coolest Gadgets For Men That Are Worth Buying

13 Coolest Gadgets For Men That Are Worth Buying Science & Technology

Doing stuff ain’t that easy if you lack the right tools. That’s why we found them for you – coolest #EDC gadgets and tools for men. From the one of a kind transformer rifle to the most compact and handy wrench ever. And if it’s knives that you’re looking for, we’ll show you the sharpest and tiniest ones.

0:00 Introduction
0:20 KeySmart AllTul Multitools: https://geni.us/KeySmartRaptor
0:59 Titanium Toothpick: https://geni.us/TiPick
1:18 Titanium EDC Keychain: https://geni.us/MecArmyEI2 | http://ebay.to/37G12uG
1:30 Multi-tool Pen Set: https://geni.us/RAKMultiTool
1:58 LED Flashlight: https://geni.us/RovyVon
2:34 Tritium Pry Bar: https://geni.us/TritiumPryBar | https://amzn.to/2NYPHyI
2:52 MecArmy Tactical Pen: https://geni.us/MecArmyPen
3:32 EDC Wrench: https://geni.us/EDCWrench | https://amzn.to/3aO8Rk7
4:22 Lever Gear CableKit: https://geni.us/CableKit | https://amzn.to/2NZeCCj
5:07 Tactica Hex Drive Toolkit: https://geni.us/HexDriveToolkit
5:50 3 COIL Multitool: https://geni.us/Coil | http://ebay.to/3aP4dCw
6:30 Tiny Cutting Tool: https://geni.us/7CP8SI3 | http://bit.ly/3qT0ER9
7:14 Hyper Limited Ti Morphing Knife: http://bit.ly/3qQS9WH | https://geni.us/KinematicEDCknife (alternative)

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