12 COOLEST GADGETS That Are WORTH Seeing Education

Here’s a review of 12 coolest gadgets that are worth seeing! One of them will help you stay healthy and another will get the maximum out of your everyday tools. They’ll improve your daily routine and work matters!

0:00 Introduction
0:11 360-degree Projector Gazer: https://www.puddingtech.com/
0:53 VR Glasses Nreal: https://www.nreal.ai/
1:29 Rotofarm: https://bace.co/rotofarm
2:09 Smart Door Lock Aegis: https://aegis.bosmausa.com/
2:42 Smart Candle Touch: https://www.candletouch.com/
3:19 Smart Thermometer ThermBot: https://thermbot.ai/
3:55 Portable Gym Whipr: https://whipr.com/
4:32 ROCKUBOT Mini Sterilizing System:
ROCKUBOT Mini – UVC Sterilizing Anytime, Anywhere
5:12 Smart Faucet iFlow: https://www.intellgreen.com/
5:54 Smart Controller Glamos: https://www.glamos-coredar.com/
6:38 Divoom Pixoo-max Display: http://www.divoom.com/
7:15 Smart Drill xDrill: https://www.robboxtools.com/

Modern science and technology have made a great step forward. Here’s a review of latest tech, gadgets and devices from the Youfact channel! We commonly use the latest inventions in all spheres of our lives. We’re going to show you the craziest things and the future tech today that either exist or will be on sale in just no time. They’ll soon change the world beyond all recognition! There are more and more cool gadgets and electronic stuff in our homes and cars. Useful devices make our life easier. They’ve become a part of our reality.

12 COOLEST GADGETS That Are WORTH Seeing – Video published on YouTube by YouFact Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozXwRRWm11s

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