10 Super Gadgets You Can Actually Own

10 Super Gadgets You Can Actually Own Science & Technology

Modern life is pretty great and that’s in no small part thanks to a ton of different gadgets that make our lives easier in so many ways every single day. With so many amazing pieces of technology out there right now it’s incredibly easy to miss something that could change your life in a sea of other products. That’s why we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff and put together this list of 10 super gadgets that you can actually own.

10 Super Gadgets You Can Actually Own [Links]

10. Ovis Smart Suitcase – https://geni.us/eQWLkj
9. Stopsleep – https://geni.us/wZyoyZh
8. Mendi – https://bit.ly/3f1yUUs
7. Ember Mug 2- https://geni.us/pxcHdB1
6. Light Cam – https://bit.ly/3dZMVRf
5. Smartlock – https://geni.us/rtVOyg
4. Ayi – https://bit.ly/2ZA9oze
3. Biski – https://bit.ly/2BI0W91
2. Bigsofti – https://bit.ly/38vNocM
1. Cinera Edge – https://bit.ly/2ZEsBjj

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17 thoughts on “10 Super Gadgets You Can Actually Own

  1. KelvinW344 says:

    Does that fingerprint operated lock save the fingerprints of wannabe theifs?

  2. Top Tech says:

    If I had that suitcase I’d sit on it and let it wheel me around everywhere in the airport ?

    Great video, check our some of the vids you’ve inspired on our channel as well!

  3. rich fortner says:

    So the light cam you have to keep the outlet turned on or it won’t work? Thats pointless. Who wants to leave light on all the time

  4. Shahid Sinha says:

    I like your videos but these gadget looks expensive show us cheap

  5. KEC says:

    Is the ember mug paying you guys? I have watched three vids and it’s original and the ember mug 2 has been in, well twice ???. I mean it’s cool but it’s not that cool!

    I do like your vids just an observation, I still gave you thumbs up!

  6. Robert Thibeault says:

    Only problem with that light bulb camera is that it can be unscrewed if its outside in a light socket kinda makes no sense unless your light is way up on your house where you cant reach it without a latter or something to get to it. Other than that it’s a great option/idea

  7. Yolas Correa says:

    $42,000 for the Biski? Are they crazy? You have to have a lot of extra money and little brains to buy this worthless piece of crap.

  8. The Thinkables says:

    from where do you get those videos don’t you get copyright strikes

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