10 More Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

10 More Amazing Kitchen Gadgets Howto & Style

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10 More Amazing Kitchen Gadgets – Video published on YouTube by DaveHax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMKDdy4wa-E

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  1. DaveHax says:

    A huge thanks to all my new and old subscribers! More awesome kitchen gadgets here:

  2. Lapizuli Games says:

    This guy has great thumbnails that he made himself. No clickbait whatsoever. WYSIWYG.

  3. DANIEL JONES (Student) says:

    5 minute crafts: exists Davehax: imma bout to ruin this mans whole job

  4. Yumtea says:

    Plot twist: he’s been paying someone to do his voiceovers all these years.

  5. Style Yourself says:

    Apple with lemon juice
    For me its pretty not cool huhh??
    Bt i like the way u say
    Pretty cool huhhh

  6. Mine Blox Gaming! says:

    For some reason it makes me feel smart since you called a watermelon a melon
    ? it’s more of a berry less of a melon “pretty *intresting* huh”

  7. Wamuu the pole person says:

    Theres a similar gadget to the egg shell remover for hard boiled eggs

  8. Gabriel Ketterling says:

    I guess the second Gadget for the apple made it a dount. ?‍♂️

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